Our Story

Thank you for taking the time to check out Made by Momma Jenkins!

This small business is veteran owned and operated out of Northeastern Pennsylvania by Chrystall, aka Momma Jenkins. One of my Soldiers gave me that nickname during my time as a platoon sergeant. I would always come prepared with enough supplies and extras for myself and anyone that needed it. That habit and that nickname stuck with me, so it only made sense to also make it my business name.

My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was a little girl. She had the time and patience to teach a lefty the basics and the joy of crocheting colorful creations full of character. As a lifelong learner, I developed my skills by trying out other fiber arts like loom and traditional knitting, macrame, and several other creative practices using bright colors and different textures.

I've used crochet in community projects like Crochet for a Cause and Chase the Chill. Crochet for a Cause brought crocheters of all ages and skill levels together to recycle plastic shopping bags into plarn (plastic yarn) to crochet into sleeping mats for the homeless community in Easton, PA. Chase the Chill brought fiber artists together to make and collect winter items like winter hats, scarves, mittens, and gloves to give them away to local shelters and by hanging them in high traffic areas for those that needed or wanted them to take. These charitable projects helped us all strengthen our community and learn new skills. 

I continued to pass on my love for fiber arts by offering crochet basics classes during my recent deployment to the Middle East. Be on the lookout for an intro to crochet series in the near future. Crochet has helped me with so much over the years including learning to express my creativity, meet new people, develop meaningful connections, and reduce my stress levels. It doesn't make sense to keep that to myself. 

Browse through my handmade colorful creations including limited quantity, high quality ski masks, beanies and skullies, and yoga socks. There's fiber artist merch and if you crochet, there's beginner friendly patterns available and in the works to guide you through creating your own.

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