Brand Story

Made by Momma Jenkins LLC offers mindfully made accessories, adornments and digital downloads to assist you with your self-love and/or mindfulness journey and to assist other makers with managing and organizing their creative overflow.

The name "Momma Jenkins" was a nickname one of my Soldiers gave me while I was a platoon sergeant. I was consistently prepared with enough supplies and lessons for myself and everyone on my team and my life experiences have allowed me to continue those practices in business.

My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was a little girl. She had the love and patience to teach a lefty how to crochet with her right hand and then accepted all of my gifts filled with nothing but clashing colors, character and love. 

Rest assured, the quality of my creations has drastically improved over the years. I have learned a lot of new techniques and practices including loom and machine knitting, wire-wrapping, macramé and beading. 

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